documentary filmmaker|Video Producer

Natasha Florentino is a documentary filmmaker and video producer.  She recently completed Abundant Land: Soil, Seeds and Sovereignty, a feature length documentary about a Hawaiian community challenging the biotech industry’s use of their island to test genetically engineered seeds. In 2014 she was selected to participate in the POV Hackathon, as a director of photography, for the project, RETURN OF THE NATIVE, an immersive, interactive documentary for iPad about native Hawaiian forests on the Island of Hawaii.  In 2008 she co-directed and filmed REZONING HARLEM, a documentary about the opposition to the NYC rezoning of 125th street.  The film was used as an educational and community-organizing tool throughout New York City. REZONING HARLEM was screened at the Maysles Cinema, various public venues, gentrification symposiums, film festivals and throughout university classrooms in the US and abroad. The film is currently being distributed by Third World Newsreel.

Natasha’s work strives to capture the strength and resilience of communities who have come up against enormous odds. She has directed and filmed short documentaries for NGOs and the non-profit sector about community development issues and the often‐conflicting intersection between private interests and community needs.

In 2012, Natasha received her MFA in Integrated Media Arts with a specialization in documentary film.


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