New Class Offering this Spring / by Natasha Florentino

I’m excited to announce a new class I will be teaching beginning in February, Documentary Film and the Urban Environment. Enrollment is now open.

urban environment photo.jpg

This class will guide students in creating short documentary films focused on the city. We will examine how history, city politics and urban development affect the interaction between communities and individuals in cities with an emphasis on San Francisco and the Bay Area.  This workshop will focus on story development and film production, with time dedicated to feedback and critique. Collaboration will be encouraged. 

We will be taking a look at examples of various documentaries who have successfully tackled issues that often play out in urban environments, like displacement, rapid redevelopment of historic neighborhoods, city politics, the tearing down or building of controversial housing developments or simply the loss of culture and identity in a particular neighborhood.

We will explore the different ways you as a filmmaker can establish a sense of place, history, and culture.      

© Natasha Florentino 2019

*This is an intermediate level workshop geared towards students who have some film production and editing experience.

To enroll in the class, please click here and register.