Assignment #1: Find your Story / by Natasha Florentino



Think about one person, one place or one experience you would like to capture.  Here are some questions to get you started.  My main advice is, KEEP IT SIMPLE and have fun.  

  1. Can you think of someone you have easy access to who is willing to share an aspect of their lives with you?  This can be a family member, friend, neighbor or co-worker.
  2. Is there an event taking place over the next couple of weeks that seems interesting or fun to you?  This can be a festival, parade, conference or gathering of some sort.  
  3. Is there a particular place or location you feel drawn too?  Someplace that holds significant meaning for you?  
  4. Are you friends with any artists or craftspeople who are willing to be documented as they create their art?  This can be a dancer, performer, painter, potter, etc.   
  5. Do you want to focus on using the power of video images to tell a story without dialogue? We looked at one example of this with the short film about Afghanistan.  But there are other ways of doing this.  You can think of a poem or written passage from a book and read it as narration over images that resonate with the writing.  



If you are interested in digging a bit deeper, here is a chapter from "Directing the Documentary", by Michael Rabiger. It contains some journal writing exercises to help you flesh out your creative impulses.   Click here to download the reading